What Is Ethnic Rhinoplasty?

ethnic rhinoplastyEthnic rhinoplasty can often be a great option for people of Asian, African, Middle Eastern, Hispanic or other non-Caucasian heritage who are seeking to enhance the appearance of their nose. Uniquely tailored for each individual, this approach to rhinoplasty can help increase or decrease the size of the nose, recontour misshapen/disproportionate nostrils, reshape a boxy or bulbous nasal tip, straighten a misaligned nose and/or improve nasal breathing issues associated with a deviated septum or other structural problems – all while maintaining the distinct characteristics of one’s ethnicity.

In addition to correcting these concerns, ethnic rhinoplasty can also be performed to augment the nasal dorsum, more commonly known as the nasal bridge. In the past – particularly for Asian and African-American patients – plastic surgeons would use implants or rib cartilage to add volume to the nasal bridge. However, these were problematic due to potential infection of the silicone implants, as well as displacement and malposition of the implant or rib cartilage. Furthermore, the rib cartilage had the tendency to also warp over time. In contrast to this approach, I typically employ an advanced technique that uses diced cartilage fascia grafts (DCFG) to augment the nasal bridge. This innovative DCFG method involves the use of ear or septal cartilage wrapped in a thin covering of fibrous tissue from the scalp, enabling me to create a more natural, malleable implant composed exclusively of the individual’s own tissue.

Ultimately, if you are interested in ethnic rhinoplasty, an extensive evaluation of your nasal anatomy, medical health and overall goals can be conducted during an in-office consultation to determine candidacy. Should this procedure be right for your specific needs and desires, every effort will be made to help you achieve an ideal outcome while respecting the unique features of your ethnicity.

Dr. Jon Kurkjian, Board Certified Plastic Surgeon

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