Kurkjian Aesthetic Membership

Kurkjian Aesthetic Membership
The Kurkjian Aesthetic Membership program is a personalized aesthetic membership intended to help you conveniently and economically stay consistent with your cosmetic goals, while also earning biannual rewards and exclusive perks throughout the year.

Here’s How It Works

To get started, our experienced team will develop a customized beauty plan—which may include injectables and fillers and/or various other services—based on your unique needs and aesthetic desires. However, instead of paying for individual treatments each time you come in, you only have to pre-pay an affordable monthly subscription that covers all of your bundled services, similar to the way a gym membership works. By doing so, you can benefit from approximate savings of $50 for a full-face treatment with injectables like BOTOX® Cosmetic and Dysport®, which adds up to about $150-$200 of annual savings (assuming the recommended 3-4 treatments per year).

The Kurkjian Aesthetic Membership is similar to a “beauty bank,” where your fixed monthly deposit is accrued in your account to be used any time for any non-surgical service. Unlike our previous programs, your Kurkjian Aesthetic Membership monthly dues can be applied for all injectables, spa services, laser treatments, micro-needling and skin-care products.

Furthermore, you’ll be eligible for special members-only events, as well as receive additional discounted and/or complimentary treatments on your membership anniversary and birthday month to help maximize your results!

Total savings with member pricing and benefits is typically $500 per year (based on full facial neuromodulator treatments and recommended membership benefits available).

Full Benefits at a Glance

  • A personalized treatment plan that addresses your unique needs and helps you maintain the look you desire year-round
  • Affordable monthly subscription as opposed to individual pricing for each treatment—potentially resulting in hundreds of dollars of annual savings
  • No registration fee or annual fees—signing up and remaining a member is free
  • Discounted aesthetic treatments such as dermaplaning, chemical peel, or Hydrafacial every year
  • Extra beauty perks on your birthday and membership anniversary
  • Ability to adjust, add, or remove services as your treatment needs or goals change with a Dynamic Plan subscription

Exclusive Membership Rewards (Choose One)

Anniversary Reward(Choose One)

  • Free Dermaplaning
  • Free Chemical Peel
  • Free Signature Hydrafacial
  • $150 Off Cosmetic Injections

B-Day Reward(Choose One)

  • 20% Off Your ZO® Skin Health Purchase in Your Birthday Month
  • 10% Off a Spa Service of Your Choice

Become a Kurkjian Aesthetic Member Today!

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