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Will I Have Noticeable Scarring After a Breast Lift?

Noticeable scarring following breast lift surgery (mastopexy) is a concern many prospective patients share. Unfortunately, some degree of scarring after mastopexy is unavoidable, as the removal of excess skin and the reshaping/repositioning of breast tissues requires the employment of strategically placed incisions. Depending on your ... Continue Reading


Anti-Aging: The Knife vs. The Needle

Like many choices in life, cosmetic surgery and non-invasive injectables are not mutually exclusive, but rather complementary options critical to modern facial rejuvenation. Surgery plays an absolutely critical role to facial rejuvenation that no device or injectable can replace. The “knife” enables us to remove ... Continue Reading

How Much Does a Breast Lift Cost?

Medically referred to as a mastopexy, breast lift surgery is a popular cosmetic procedure designed to lift and reshape the breasts for a rejuvenated contour and more youthful appearance. At my practice, the cost of a breast lift typically begins at $7,000, which includes the ... Continue Reading


How to Establish Realistic Expectations for Rhinoplasty

One of the biggest keys to being fully satisfied with the outcomes of cosmetic surgery is having realistic expectations prior to your treatment. That’s not to say your particular procedure of interest can’t address all of your needs and help you achieve each of your ... Continue Reading

Rhinoplasty Candidates

Am I a Candidate for Rhinoplasty?

Sometimes referred to as nasal surgery and/or a “nose job”, rhinoplasty is a popular procedure designed to improve the appearance of the nose for a more balanced and harmonious facial aesthetic. Most commonly, individuals interested in cosmetic and/or reconstructive nasal surgery wish to decrease or ... Continue Reading

rhinoplasty in Fort Worth

Which Parts of the Nose Can Rhinoplasty Address?

You might already be aware that rhinoplasty – which is also commonly referred to as a “nose job” – can often be a great option for men and women seeking to enhance the shape, size and/or overall aesthetic of the nose. But which areas of ... Continue Reading

How Long Do Breast Implants Last?

This is a great question that all women considering breast augmentation should ask. Unfortunately, a definitive timeframe cannot be provided for the longevity of breast implants, mainly because manufacturers can’t assure a certain type of implant will have a specific lifespan before complications arise (e.g. ... Continue Reading

Which Implant Placement Provides the Most Natural Results?

When considering breast augmentation, there are a number of important decisions that can affect the results of your procedure, including the size of your implants, the type and shape of your implants, and even the specific incision pattern utilized to conduct the surgery. In addition ... Continue Reading

Can I Still Breastfeed After Breast Augmentation?

A common concern among women considering breast augmentation is that the placement of implants will affect their ability to breastfeed should they decide to have children in the future. The truth is, if your body is able to produce milk prior to your breast augmentation ... Continue Reading

How Long Is Recovery After a Mommy Makeover?

Recovery from a Mommy Makeover typically ranges from three days to two weeks, depending on the extent of procedures being performed. Though a Mommy Makeover often combines abdominal contouring with breast surgery, the abdominal operation - i.e. liposuction and/or abdominoplasty - is generally the deciding ... Continue Reading

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