Can You Reduce Breast Size with Diet and Exercise?

While reducing breast size through surgery can produce better results for many patients, it may be possible to accomplish noticeable results through diet and exercise. However, reducing one’s breast size or losing weight through a healthy lifestyle oftentimes proves more difficult than people realize. Many individuals turn to cosmetic procedures like breast reduction surgery and liposuction when diet and exercise are not enough to decrease their breast size.

Those determined to avoid surgical procedures to reduce their breast size should not lose all hope, though, as many women are able to naturally reduce fat content, specifically in their breasts. This may be possible by adopting a healthy lifestyle that includes a nutritious diet and regular exercise, which can lead to overall weight loss.

However, even if someone has been keeping up with their diet and exercise regimen, they may not be able to reduce their breast size because of the unique composition of their breasts. Breasts generally consist of a combination of fatty tissue and fibrous tissue. While the fatty tissue can be reduced through exercise and diet, fibrous tissue can not be. This is the reason that some individuals may find success by natural means and others can not.

For those who do not see substantial results through diet and exercise alone, possibly due to having more fibrous breast tissue than fatty tissue, cosmetic procedures may be your best option. Breast reduction surgery can reduce the overall size of your breasts while leaving limited scarring that can be hidden and virtually undetectable. Reducing overly large breasts can provide a number of benefits for patients, such as decreased neck pain, shoulder pain, and overall feelings of fatigue.

If traditional and natural methods have proven ineffective for you, contact our practice today to find out more about breast reduction surgery and to schedule a consultation.

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