Teenage Rhinoplasty

Procedure: Approximately 2-3 hours

Anesthesia: General anesthesia

Recovery: About 7 days (for school and light activities)

Post-op Visits: 1 day, 1 week, 3 weeks, 6 weeks, 6 months

Cost: Approximately $12,250

Can a Teenager Get Rhinoplasty?

According to the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP), rhinoplasty is the most requested aesthetic surgical procedure by teenagers. After careful and thorough discussion with parents or guardians, as well as their pediatrician, teenagers that meet the appropriate recommendations are eligible to undergo the rhinoplasty procedure. This elective cosmetic procedure can have significantly positive effects both physically and mentally for teens that suffer from bulbous noses, dorsal humps, hooked or “beaked” appearances, or plunging tips. Nasal reshaping can help teens blend in better with their peers, improve self-esteem, and deter feelings of anxiety, depression, fear, and/or being withdrawn, especially if circumstances of bullying or teasing are present. 

The AAP and American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) both emphasize that having the emotional maturity to understand the limitations and consequences of surgery is a key factor in determining if an individual is ready for teenage rhinoplasty. Additionally, ideal candidates should naturally be able to initiate the following on their own (not suggested by a parent or guardian):

  • Voice aesthetic nasal and/or breathing concerns
  • Communicate specific, realistic goals for surgery
  • Comprehend the effects of surgery, risks, and recovery time

If teenage rhinoplasty may be an appropriate option for your teen, we welcome you to contact our practice today. Our board-certified plastic surgeon, Jon Kurkjian, MD has specialized training and extensive experience in rhinoplasty, using advanced surgical techniques for the most optimal, safe, and comfortable outcome at any age.

How Early Can Teens Get Rhinoplasty?

Most plastic surgeons recommend waiting until at least 15-16 years of age for teenage rhinoplasty, once the patient’s nose has fully developed into its adult size. Earlier intervention may be recommended for functional concerns that affect breathing. Prior to teenage rhinoplasty, the patient must receive a health evaluation and be medically cleared by their pediatrician or family physician. Additionally, consent from a parent or guardian is required for teenage rhinoplasty and, vice versa, the teen’s own personal desire must initiate this type of elective cosmetic surgery.

How Does Rhinoplasty Differ for Teens vs. Adults?

In general, the surgical techniques and technical details employed in a teenager’s rhinoplasty are very similar to those used in an adult patient’s rhinoplasty. The main differences account for:

  • Age and facial growth prerequisites
  • Demonstrated maturity and understanding from the patient
  • Consent from both the patient and the parent or guardian

For adolescents interested in rhinoplasty, it is also important for the surgeon to confirm that the nasal irregularities support the need for nasal reshaping at a young age.

How Long Is the Recovery from Teenage Rhinoplasty?

After completing the teenage rhinoplasty procedure, an external splint will be placed on the outside of the nose. Dr. Kurkjian does not use packing or internal splints, thus making the first post-op visit much less painful. Minimal swelling and bruising can be expected immediately after surgery, and two to three days of bed rest may be recommended. All sutures and splints are typically removed six days after surgery. 

Patients may return to school and light activity after one week following surgery. More vigorous activities, such as playing sports, should be limited until at least two to three weeks after surgery. Dr. Kurkjian will provide post-procedure care instructions, and you are welcome to view our frequently asked questions for rhinoplasty for additional information.

Is Teenager Rhinoplasty Safe?

Studies have shown that teenage rhinoplasty can be performed successfully without affecting craniofacial growth and that the surgery is generally considered safe. As with any surgery, it is highly recommended to work with an experienced, board-certified plastic surgeon that has an excellent standing with patients and medical professionals and can confirm the surgery will be performed in a hospital or accredited operating facility. Even more so for teenage rhinoplasty, finding a surgeon that genuinely listens to your needs, questions, concerns, and goals is of the utmost importance for safety as well as comfort.

How Much Does a Teenage Rhinoplasty Cost?

On average, the cost for primary teenage rhinoplasty starts at $12,250 but this varies based on the complexities of the surgery and intricacies of each unique treatment plan. After the initial consultation, Dr. Kurkjian can provide a more detailed estimate of costs, which includes fees for anesthesia and the operating facility. Our office’s Patient Care Coordinator can also discuss payment and financing options available through trusted third-party healthcare lenders to help make surgery costs more affordable for qualified applicants.

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We understand teenage rhinoplasty is a personal and delicate decision. Our office is available for your questions and welcomes your family to schedule a private consultation with Dr. Kurkjian to discuss a customized treatment plan for the safest, most effective outcome.

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