Traveling Patients

Patients from all over the country seek out Dr. Kurkjian’s expertise for plastic surgery. Whether you are traveling from a nearby city or across the country, we welcome you to experience the latest techniques and advancements in aesthetic procedures performed by board-certified plastic surgeon Jon Kurkjian, MD. With customized treatment plans and one-of-a-kind patient care, our team is committed to providing you with superior aesthetic outcomes. Dr. Kurkjian is extensively experienced in rhinoplasty, facelifts, breast augmentation, mommy makeovers, tummy tucks, and more. 

Located within close proximity to the Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport, our practice strives to accommodate easy and convenient planning for our out-of-town patients. Read below for more information and resources as a guide for your visit to Kurkjian Plastic Surgery + Aesthetics.

Consultation Process for Traveling Patients

Initial Phone Consultation

One of our friendly patient coordinators will help you get started and schedule your virtual or in-person consultation. During this initial call, they will go over your goals with surgery, document your health history, explain what you can expect in the surgery and recovery for the procedures you are considering, and provide cost estimates for these options. If you have any questions, our patient coordinators are a great resource to help you understand what to expect. Before the conclusion of this phone call, they can help you book your virtual or in-office consultation.

Virtual Consultation

Dr. Kurkjian understands that meeting virtually for an initial consultation can be more comfortable and convenient, especially for individuals traveling to Fort Worth from out of town. Our team utilizes the Nextech telehealth system, which is a HIPAA-compliant solution that ensures private and secure video calls. Before your virtual visit, we will provide you with instructions to get this set up to ensure easy access at the time of your appointment.

During your virtual consultation, we will discuss your cosmetic goals, recommend treatment options, review questions, and establish a rapport with open communication. For certain procedures, photos may be requested to assist in an efficient consultation process. During the consultation, Dr. Kurkjian will review the subsequent steps to move forward with treatment. 

In-Person Pre-Operative Visit

The next visit with Dr. Kurkjian and his team will typically be an in-person pre-operative appointment prior to your surgery date. This allows Dr. Kurkjian to perform a physical exam of the areas you would like to enhance. He can then customize your treatment plan based on your unique needs, explaining what you can expect at every step of your care. During this time, you are encouraged to ask any other questions you may have. Our team can then provide you with a personalized quote for your treatment cost, as well as pre-operative instructions to help you prepare for your surgery.

How Soon Can I Travel Home After Plastic Surgery?

Traveling home after plastic surgery will vary depending on each patient’s procedure(s) and overall treatment plan. Following most facial procedures, patients may fly home 1-2 weeks after surgery. Breast procedures require less time in town with most patients staying locally for 1-2 days following their surgery. Abdominoplasties require at least 48-72 hours of recovery locally if driving home more than 1-2 hours, and typically 1-2 weeks in town prior to travel that requires flying home.

Dr. Kurkjian generally schedules the first post-operative visit the day after your procedure, with the next follow-up appointment one week after surgery. To help ensure a speedy recovery, we have designed a detailed post-operative follow-up schedule based on each specific surgery. We are committed to providing the best possible surgical outcome and smooth recovery with the least amount of downtime as possible, while keeping patient safety at the forefront of all of our treatments.

Local Attractions

From world-class museums and live music venues to historical districts for exploring western heritage, Fort Worth is a vibrant city with plenty to experience. Dr. Kurkjian and his team have made a list of sightseeing and entertainment activities in the area to make the most of your visit.

Hotel Accommodations 

The Fort Worth area offers an array of accommodations for patients and anyone traveling with them to feel at home before and after the procedure, especially during the recovery process. Some of our top recommendations include the following. Please feel free to discuss each option with our patient coordinators.

Contact Kurkjian Plastic Surgery + Aesthetics

Dr. Kurkjian encourages prospective patients to reach out with any questions about traveling to the Fort Worth area, procedure and scheduling information, or otherwise and looks forward to helping you achieve your aesthetic goals. Please contact our practice today to set up your consultation.