Am I a Candidate for Rhinoplasty?

Rhinoplasty Candidates Sometimes referred to as nasal surgery and/or a “nose job”, rhinoplasty is a popular procedure designed to improve the appearance of the nose for a more balanced and harmonious facial aesthetic. Most commonly, individuals interested in cosmetic and/or reconstructive nasal surgery wish to decrease or increase the overall size of their nose; straighten, narrow or augment their nasal bridge; recontour the tip of their nose; reshape their nostrils; or improve their ability to breathe through their nose. As a result, ideal rhinoplasty candidates typically have one or more of the characteristics listed below.

  • A boxy, bulbous and/or drooping nasal tip
  • A nose that appears misaligned and/or crooked
  • An evident hump on the nasal bridge
  • Disproportionately sized and/or misshapen nostrils
  • Structural issues, such as a deviated septum

Ultimately, to determine if you are an ideal candidate for rhinoplasty, a thorough examination will need to be conducted during a consultation with a board certified plastic surgeon. At this time, your medical history, nasal anatomy, goals and expectations for surgery can be assessed, all of which help to dictate whether or not this procedure would be the most effective option for your unique needs and desires.

Jon Kurkjian, MD

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