Which Implant Placement Provides the Most Natural Results?

Beautiful WomanWhen considering breast augmentation, there are a number of important decisions that can affect the results of your procedure, including the size of your implants, the type and shape of your implants, and even the specific incision pattern utilized to conduct the surgery. In addition to these choices, another decision that contributes to the final outcome of the procedure is determining whether the breast implants should be placed above or below the pectoral muscle.

For qualified candidates, placing breast implants above the pectoral muscle can often produce excellent results. Key benefits of this implant position may include greater implant mobility, as well as a shorter, more comfortable recovery due to the muscle remaining intact during surgery. However, in order to be considered a good candidate for above-the-muscle placement, you must have an adequate amount of breast tissue and/or excess skin to effectively cover the implant. Without enough soft tissue coverage, the implants may be very apparent, and the risk of visible rippling can increase significantly.

If you don’t have an ample amount of breast tissue, placing the implants below the pectoral muscle can often provide an exceptional outcome. Primary benefits of this implant placement may include more soft tissue coverage, a reduced risk of capsular contracture and visible rippling, and better support for the weight of the implants. Furthermore, the accuracy of mammograms may also be improved as tissue towards the surface of the skin is less obstructed when the implant is located below the muscle.

Ultimately, both options have proven to provide extremely natural-looking outcomes for the right individuals. If you are considering breast augmentation, I strongly encourage you to seek the expertise of a board-certified plastic surgeon who has the skill and experience necessary to help you choose the right implant placement for your unique needs and goals.

Jon Kurkjian, MD

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