What Is the Pencil Test for Sagging Breasts?

Sagging breasts, also known as breast ptosis, can be an extremely common concern for women in various stages of their lives. The drooping appearance may occur from the natural aging process, after pregnancy, due to weight fluctuations, or stem from genetic factors. There are varying degrees of breast ptosis so it is understandable to be unsure if you are ready to pursue a cosmetic procedure, such as a breast lift (mastopexy), to address sagging tissue and achieve a more youthful projection. One way to determine if your breasts may be ready for this type of surgery is called the “pencil test.” This can be performed in the comfort of your home by following these simple steps:

  • Remove all top garments, including your bra
  • Stand upright in front of a mirror with your shoulders back in a proper posture position
  • Take a pencil and place it under the crease of your breast
  • While maintaining straight posture, take note of what happens to the pencil

If the pencil immediately falls to the ground, this indicates the sagging may not be severe enough to warrant surgical intervention. However, if the pencil remains where you placed it, you are likely a good candidate for breast lift surgery.

The next best step is to schedule a consultation with a board-certified plastic surgeon to assess the degree of your breast ptosis and more accurately determine if a breast lift is right for you. Additionally, if loss of volume is a concern, a breast lift with implants can also be discussed to enhance your breast size and improve the firmness and position of your breasts.

If you have additional questions about how breast lift surgery can lift and tighten breasts to a more youthful appearance, or if you are ready to schedule an initial consultation with Dr. Kurkjian, please contact us today.

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