What’s the Difference Between a Full & Mini Tummy Tuck?

MotherTummy tuck surgery – also referred to as abdominoplasty – can often be a great option for men and women who have extra skin, excess fat and/or muscle laxity in the abdominal region that remains resistant to even the healthiest of diets and strictest exercise regimens. Depending on the extent of these aesthetic issues, however, some individuals may better qualify as candidates for a mini tummy tuck as opposed to the standard full tummy tuck.

A full abdominoplasty is typically employed to address the entire abdomen, both above and below the belly button. This involves the removal of sagging, excess skin as well as the tightening of stretched abdominal muscles. In addition, liposuction can also be utilized to remove any localized pockets of fat that may be present. Contrarily, mini abdominoplasty is regarded as a less invasive treatment option reserved for when a minimal degree of excess skin, fat and muscle laxity is confined to the lower abdominal region (more specifically, between the belly button and the top of the pubic area). As a result of the limited treatment area, the incision for this technique is usually smaller than that of a full tummy tuck, and the recovery process can often be a bit shorter.

If you are considering abdominoplasty, I recommend consulting a board certified plastic surgeon who has great skill and experience with both techniques. This way, you can help ensure the safest, most effective tummy tuck option is employed based on your unique needs and goals.

Dr. Jon Kurkjian

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