Recovery from Breast Augmentation

post-breast-aug-fort-worth-txPatients considering breast augmentation frequently have concerns about the post-surgical recovery process. At my practice, questions commonly asked by prospective patients often pertain to how long the recovery will take, how much pain may be involved, how soon normal daily activities can be resumed, and other similar inquiries. While specific answers to these questions will vary based on each unique individual, below is a basic outline of what you can typically expect for breast augmentation recovery.

Due to meticulous operative technique and strict adherence to our postoperative regimen, many patients feel comfortable enough to leave the house for a quiet dinner just twelve hours after surgery. Though some bruising and swelling will likely be present initially, these effects should begin to fade over the course of a few days. Any postoperative discomfort can typically be alleviated with medication, and most patients are able to return to routine office duties within three to five days after their operation. To help avoid risk of postoperative bleeding or other potential complications, we do ask that patients wait at least two weeks before slowly resuming aerobic exercise as well as about four to six weeks before performing any heavy lifting.

Ultimately, it is important to note that every patient heals differently, so the above timeframes may be slightly shorter or longer based on your body’s natural healing process. After evaluating your specific breast enhancement goals at the time of your consultation, we should be able to provide a more accurate prediction of what you can expect during recovery.

Jon Kurkjian, MD

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