Can I Receive a Breast Lift without Implants?

breast lift Dallas Fort WorthAbsolutely – a breast lift without implants can be an excellent option for patients who desire to lift their nipple position and/or breast tissue. Also referred to as mastopexy, this popular procedure is designed to eliminate the extra skin that we frequently see after breast-feeding, pregnancy and weight loss. However, it is important to understand that a breast lift alone cannot provide long-term fullness to the upper portion – or “superior pole” – of the breast; only a breast implant can add fullness to the upper breast over the long term. (That said, it is a mistake to believe a large breast implant can lift the breast or nipple position. In actuality, the opposite is often true over time!)

In the end, a breast lift is the only way to lift the breast, and a breast implant is still the best way to add volume to the breast. The good news is, those who desire to increase volume in addition to lifting their breasts can often receive a breast augmentation in combination with mastopexy to achieve desired results. If you are considering breast enhancement surgery of any sort, I recommend you consult a board certified plastic surgeon to determine the most effective approach for your unique needs and goals.

Jon Kurkjian, MD

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