How Many Areas Can Be Treated at Once with Liposuction?

woman with overweight

Stubborn, excess fat doesn’t always accumulate in just one region of the body, prompting many men and women to inquire about how many areas can be treated in a single liposuction session. For the vast majority of patients, there isn’t a concrete limit on the number of areas that can be targeted during one liposuction treatment, as long as the amount of fat tissue removed is not greater than a particular quantity specified by one’s anatomical indicators. For example, a person who is relatively small in stature may be able to have all desired regions addressed during a single liposuction session while someone who has a larger build might require multiple treatments to safely extract the appropriate amount of fat. Needless to say, all of this is also dependant upon the size and quantity of areas the patient wishes to address.

In the end, fat removal with liposuction is a very personalized procedure, so the particular number of sessions necessary to treat all desired areas will be determined on an individual basis. If you are considering liposuction, I encourage you to seek the expertise of a board certified plastic surgeon who is well versed in this body contouring technique. After a thorough examination, he or she should be able to devise a safe and effective treatment plan for your specific needs and cosmetic goals.

Jon Kurkjian, MD

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