What is Recovery from Rhinoplasty Like?

Rhinoplasty Recovery, Fort Worth TXFollowing both primary rhinoplasty and secondary (revision) rhinoplasty, an external nasal splint will generally be placed on the nose for protection. In the event cartilage grafting from the rib or ear is required for secondary rhinoplasty, associated bandages may also be placed. After about six days, the nasal splint can typically be removed, along with any sutures that were utilized to close surgical incisions made during the procedure. Some temporary bruising and/or swelling can be expected initially, though these symptoms usually begin to diminish within a week. Any postsurgical discomfort experienced is commonly described as mild and can often be managed effectively with pain medication.

Most patients are able to return to non-strenuous jobs and/or daily routines after approximately three to seven days, and light exercise can typically be resumed after about two weeks. Results tend to improve over time as swelling gradually subsides; however, final outcomes may take up to a year to become fully apparent. Throughout the recovery process, periodical follow-up visits are generally required to monitor and facilitate healing.

In the end, the recovery process for primary or secondary rhinoplasty will be unique for every individual. As a result, a more personalized outline and timeframe for what to expect can be provided at the time of your consultation.

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