Buttock Augmentation

butt-copy-2Buttock size and shape has become a cultural phenomenon with more Americans opting for butt augmentation and butt lifts than ever before. Dr. Jon Kurkjian is a plastic surgeon who believes in providing customized buttock reshaping solutions for ever patient.

While buttock implants were once popular, the complication rates have been found to be too high and thus Dr. Kurkjian prefers to use your own fat via fat grafts or fat transfers. By using your own fat, a more natural look and feel can be achieved for every buttock augmentation.

Buttock Augmentation Procedure

One of our patient’s favorite aspects of butt augmentation is that the procedure involves liposuction from other areas of the body where unwanted fat persists. Liposuction of the abdomen, hips, lower back and thighs can provide the fat necessary for buttock augmentation. Injection of this material has no risk of rejection because the fat is from your own body.

Typically, about one third of the fat obtained from liposuction can be used for injection. So if 3 liters of liposuction is completed, then 1 liter is usable for fat grafting. The most recent evidence indicates that at best, 60% or 600 mL of that 1 liter of injected fat will persist long term after fat grafting. Dr. Kurkjian will guide you on how to ensure that you have enough fat present in preparation for your procedure.

VECTRA® XT 3D Imaging for an Enhanced Outcome

Dr. Kurkjian utilizes the advanced VECTRA® XT 3D imaging system to facilitate clear communication with his patients. Using this ultra-high resolution technology, Dr. Kurkjian is able to digitally alter 3D images of each patient in order to show what the post-surgical results may look like. Together with Dr. Kurkjian, you will be able to plan the procedure to meet your cosmetic goals.

Buttock Augmentation Recovery & Post-Operative Care

At our Dallas / Fort Worth plastic surgery practice, our focus is on ensuring patient safety and comfort. Every patient receives personalized care and attention to ensure a speedy recovery. You may be required to wear a compression garment post-surgery and take medication to resolve the mild pain, swelling and bruising. Your post-operative activity and exercise regimen will be tailored to your specific procedure and lifestyle.

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